Tangled Tides

A private island paradise nestled perfectly along the Atlantic seaboard — endless views, ocean breezes, secluded, enchanting and all yours. Who wouldn’t want it? That isn’t Coral Sayers’ question, however. 

Coral has to worry about who would want it? At the top of that list is Coral herself who inherited her magnificent little island on the day she was born, has cherished it her whole life and spends her days creating and maintaining a concealed, utopia existence for herself and her son, August.

But enjoying the sanctity of her paradise has caused Coral to live a near hermit existence and when the land grabbers who will stop at nothing to steal her perfectly situated island in order to conduct their multi-million dollar illegal activities, Coral and her son are alone.

Buckle up and get ready to double your pleasure while these dual romantic suspense adventures unfold. Coral and August are trapped in their sanctuary and helpless but the only help possible miraculously comes from the sea and stops the plot to take over their island. Rather than lose their island they lose their hearts instead, when both Coral and her son, August, find the loves of their lives.

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