Fly Away Home

Cleo Alburn Mitchell bears the famous Mitchell name. Like all the
Mitchells, male or female, she carries as her middle name, Alburn, the name of the city the family founded. 

Cleo’s legacy is steep with tradition, pride and accomplishment. Yet Cleo hangs her head in shame most of the time and barely phantoms herself ever having anything worthy to contribute to the great Mitchell legacy. 

The only thing Cleo has contributed is a set of lies and secrets that nearly crippled the Mitchell family. Cleo caused the death of the most famous Mitchell of all, Winston Alburn Mitchell Sr., her grandfather and idol to all who knew him.

In Fly Away Home, this sequel to House of Secrets, one year later Cleo emerges barely over her heartbreak. She wants to disappear and hastily leaves the country where she runs into more trouble than she ever imagined. She is saved from nearly getting killed by Ron Light an American play write whose mysterious play turns out to the perfect situation that enables her to hide, fall in love, and safely fly away home.

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