Belle Isle

Cherita Lawington looks to become the first female mayor of the City of Detroit. What should be a normal election will be far from it, especially if she follows through with her pledge to stop the sale of the city’s beloved island park, Belle Isle. 

Cherita will be going against the plans of a vicious gangster who will stop at nothing with his plan to turn Belle Isle into a privately owned casino gambling nightmare. Cherita’s father didn’t stop him and neither will Cherita, he will have her killed like he did her father and anyone else who dares to stand in his way.

Cherita’s is a lonely, dangerous quest if not for Gerry Leister a long-lost love whom Cherita thinks is dead. A homeless derelict, Gerry must remain dead and live on Belle Isle. Gerry and Cherita have loved each other since childhood. Their love finally blossoms right along with the suspense that enfolds when Gerry emerges and undertakes the extreme measures that only his deplorable condition enables.

As the newly elected mayor Cherita stops the gangster’s plot to own and destroythe beloved Belle Isle. Belle Isle, a small island floating in the middle if the Detroit River, just about

equal distance between the cities of Detroit, Michigan and Winsor, Ontario. 

Belle Isle is more than just a park that deserves protecting. Belle Isle is so beloved by Detroiters that Cherita is able to bring together a cadre of characters who help her save the island and who also are introduced here in Belle Isle this author’s first novel: The journalist, Hallie Owen, in her romantic suspense novel: House of Secrets; And Gerry’s twin, GeeGee, in her romantic suspense novel, Sweet Escape, the actual sequel to this novel.

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